Griffin & Griffin Exploration - About Us

Our Guiding Philosophy

At Griffin & Griffin Exploration, we understand that oil and gas exploration and production is just as much a business as it is an adventure. Monetizing and valorizing the oil and gas discovered is of utmost importance. Therefore, we try to avoid dealing with reserves that do not promptly produce cash flow for our investors and/or operators.

Our goal is to form profitable relationships based on fairness and equitability. We treat all of our partners with honesty, integrity and transparency. And above all, we enjoy what we do.

Griffin & Griffin Exploration
Our Specialized Geographic Focus

For the last 40 years, Griffin & Griffin has focused on the exploration, exploitation and production of oil and gas prospects in Amite and Wilkinson Counties, Mississippi, and Avoyelles, Concordia and East and West Feliciana Parishes, Louisiana. We control the major local gathering system—the Tunica and East Fork Pipelines.


We take great pride in the positive relations we've maintained with landholders and mineral rights owners in our area of focus. In fact, our solid reputation for fair dealing and prompt issues resolution has enabled us to obtain leases from parties who declined to deal with other oil and gas operators. Over the last 20 years, we have drilled, owned or operated more than 100 wells throughout the region. Currently, the company has between 175,000 and 200,000 acres under lease or option.